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Arithmism Inspired


Arithmism as a style in contemporary art focuses on revealing mathematical, arithmetical or simply numerical meanings – the meanings normally hiding behind the objects and phenomena of real world. This creative quest implies the methods going far beyond pictorial art itself, and leads to rather unexpected results.


Jewellr’s art is very good for hidden, implicit or symbolic meanings. From the ancient times, prime purpose and idea of jewelry was to signify, and only then to decorate. This art was initially meant to represent certain symbolic concepts. And it still works this way. The more it should be interesting to see how the ideas of arithmism might be applied in design of various jewelry items.


For example, the idea of four-dimensional progression (http://www.arithmism.com/gallery/paintings/?id=46) is to portray the simplest geometric progression 1,2,4,8,16,32,... in the form of concentric round-shaped structures segmented according the terms of the progression. The first object, corresponding to “1”, is placed in the center. The second one, corresponding to “2” and consisting of two halves, goes next. The following one, corresponding to “4”, and divided into four equal parts, is the next, and so on.


The shape obtained seems three-dimensional, but, in fact, it can be considered as four-dimensional progression. Because terms of the progression are put in order, so to say, “timely”: “1” comes first, then “2”, then “4”, then “8”. As in any progression, we see certain “time aspect” here – as long as the fundamental concept of time “before/after” is applied to arrange the sequence. Time vector works in every arranged sequence. In the given 4D structure, time flows in all directions from the center. This way the structure presents our space-time continuum – if it really exists, of course.


Jewelry design project developed by Alexander Vavilov (https://www.facebook.com/alexandr.vavilov.1?pnref=story) includes a series of jewelry items their symbolic meaning is based on the ideas and methods of arithmism. 4D progression is the first theme. All the items can be considered as material, tangible symbols of space-time continuum. Rings and signet-rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, breastpins, cast in gold, silver, platinum and palladium. The continuum one might, literally, wear.