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Arithmism is a new style in contemporary fine art, presenting real world objects related to figures and numbers, or the figures and numbers themselves, forming complete mathematical expressions, equations, numerical series or matrices with some definite meaning. Figures and numbers could also be read due to the way different objects are positioned on the canvas, or extracted through the quantity of the objects presented.

Genre and style peculiarities
Some works of the style resemble still-life paintings, however, the task is quite different. Sometimes paysage or genre painting elements are used. The styles and artistic methods could vary a lot, at some points getting pretty close to primitivism. The objects, their shapes and positions, and the methods used by artist are brought under the command of mathematic meaning – the meaning which is always present but not necessarily obvious.

From Greek αριθμός (“arithmos”) – “number”.

Arithmism main principles were first formulated by Constantine Dousanovsky and Oleg Bazylewicz  11.02.2011.