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“3-15” CLOCKS

in private collection


Oil, canvas

19.7" x 19.7" (50 x 50 cm)

Kyiv, 2013


There is no need to draw numbers every time we need to count. Mathematical meanings can be worked out not only by "digital", but also by "analog" way. For example, clocks with arrows set in a certain position are singular symbols of the respective singular numbers. And even if there is no numbers on the clockface, the observer still has them in his mind.


Nine simple round clocks placed on the wall in a 3x3 matrix are showing GMT and other time Eastwards – plus one hour in each time zone. From one to nine, from London to Seoul, across Eurasia. The times shown form a magic square matrix. The sum of verticals, horizontals and diagonals equals to 15.


The texture of white clockfaces, though identical at first glance, is still different. Just a hint that time flows a bit different way in every other city...